Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Braiding Styles explained: micro braids, twists and more

The goal of this blog post is to encompass the most popular and well-known braiding styles. It is aimed to provide explanations, visual samples of the braids and even video tutorials. So no matter if you are experienced or new at braiding, keep reading and don't be afraid to post your own suggestions or pictures.

1. Micro braids: As the name suggests, micro braids include small sections of hair. Each section is separated into 3 strands which are then braided in uniform pattern. Micro braids are some of the most popular braiding styles among African-American women. Micro braids can take a while to install but can last a long time. It is recommended that you unbraid your hair after wearing this style for 3 months. Longer wear may cause breakage and hair loss. If your hair is relatively short you may need to use some braiding hair in order to achieve this style. To see a video tutorial on how to do micro braids, click here.

2. Dreadlocks: The origin of dreadlocks dates back to cavemen who left their hair to tangle because the comb was not invented yet. Nowadays, dreadlocks are more of a fashion statement or lifestyle symbol. It is a common misconception that it would take forever to get dreadlocks. In fact, there are many different methods which allow your hair to form dreadlocks much faster then just leaving it out and not combing it. Wax is one of the products suggested for use when starting dreadlocks. But you can also just buy the dreadlock braids and blend them with your hair. This way when you decide to discontinue this style you can simply remove the dreadlock braids. To see a video tutorial on how to do dreadlocks using synthetic hair, click here.

3. Cornrows: As the name implies these braids are in most cases braided in straight patters similar to corn rows. This is a common hair braiding style among African-Americans where the hair is braided very close to the scalp, using an underhand, upward motion to produce a continuous, raised row. Cornrows are in most cases the base for any weave extensions that need to be sewn. Cornrows are often favored because of their easy maintenance. This style can be worn by both men and women. Here is a video tutorial on how to do cornrows!

4. Afro Kinky Twists: This braiding style has recently gained popularity. It is is a way to enjoy wearing your natural hair chemical-free. To accomplish afro kinky twists you will need to use afro kinky bulk hair. This is special hair used for braiding, it comes in human and synthetic form. Both can be pliable and reach great results, but the human hair afro bulk is usually more expensive. Here are detailed steps how to braid the afro kinky twists. And here is a video tutorial!

5. Box braids/Individual braids: This braiding style is usually quite long, most of the time shoulder length at least. Box braids look very neat and exotic at the same time. To accomplish such a style you would usually need to purchase some synthetic braiding hair, such as Jumbo braid or Kanekalon braiding hair. Here are detailed steps how to braid the individual braids. And here is a video tutorial!

There are a lot of more braiding styles that deserve to be posted here. We hope this information was useful and we welcome any comments and suggestions.

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Cherry said...

i just started learning how to braid for my bf because we moved overseas and live out of the states most the year. I dont really have anyone to learn from except youtube. I posted my problem that im having on my blog.

under the Learning 2 Braid category. Shampoo & Conditioner.
if you could help in anyway I would appreciate it so much!! Thanks :)