Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why Ponytails are a great solution to bad hair days

Have you had one of those mornings where you look at your hair and it screams "bad hair day"?
For many, the best solution to a hair disaster is a ponytail.

Why is a ponytail the best solution, you may wonder?
1. It requires minimum time and effort
2. It disguises a bad hair day
3. Looks sleek and elegant

So here are a few tips in fixing a bad hair do:
1. Dip your finger in some gel or mouse and finger comb your hair into a ponytail.
2. Sleek down front with a narrow tooth comb
3. Attach a hairpiece ponytail if necessary
and you are ready to go.

Optional: You may add a headband, fancy pony holder, hair comb or hair pins if the occasion calls for it.
If going to the office, keep it sleek and simple, no adornments necessary.

If going to a formal affair, you can add some jeweled pins or hair combs.

If for everyday situation, you can wear a headband or special pony holder.

With the vast variety of hair pieces/ ponytails today you can choose a unique one that fits your personality and makes a statement. You can choose from curly, straight, wavy ponytails; synthetic or human hair; colorful or plain.

Attention: For those with unflaterring receding hair line or hair loss on the front, we do not recommend ponytail style. The best solution to a bad hair day in such case would be a full cap wig.